Human ingenuity is our most vital asset

Even the most mundane item or task can do wonders if delivered diligently and strategically. People who could do this are rare, we have some and always welcome more.

A glimpse

As a full fledge infrastructure provider, we hire across disciplines and levels. Despite our relatively large staff number, each department or team remains like a small family, with members providing support and backup to one another.

Where do we place our people?

Depending on the skills and inclination of each staff, he / she could be stationed either in the headquarters or at the site office.

Those at the headquarters in Shah Alam provide essential service to all, covering accounting, finance, human resource, ICT, contract management, quantity surveying, procurement, logistics, engineering drawing and technical support.

Site staff focus on construction related matters, including logistics, hands-on work, supervision of works, quality assurance, liaison with the consultant and supporting progress claims. Site staff move with projects, and have the chance to stay in many unusual parts of Malaysia.

How do we grow people?

Development of our staff is taken seriously. In addition to on-the-job exposure and training, our Quality Management System mandates every staff to undergo at least one training in a year, either in-house or elsewhere.

Our hierarchy is rather flat, and the Directors often interact directly with everyone, not just with the managers. Hence even the most junior staff will gain from the wisdom of the top management.

Professional membership (e.g. in Accounting, Technical, Surveying or Engineering societies) is encouraged via reimbursement of annual membership fees and expenses. We have a modest Company Library, and occasionally we organize talks on topics of common interest to elevate the awareness and perspectives of all.

What does it take?

In almost all functions, having a strong ability to interact with people via various modes of communication and the discipline and patience to handle procedural paperwork is crucial. Big or small, every task contributes to the final outcome, thus we treasure diligent and accountable people. We continue to welcome such people with an additional spark of creativity to enhance the efficiency and cost effectiveness of our delivery.